Delivery & Returns Policy

We wanted to keep Love is a Rug as simple and clear for our customers as possible, no hidden charges or extensive clauses and as little small print as possible. Delivery and collection charges are a nightmare to understand and even worse to calculate, although to be fair, a rug doesn't fit into a box easily and isn't a standard shape or weight!
So, all of our rugs are delivered and can be returned, free of charge anywhere in England, Scotland & Wales - if you live outside that, we can call you or email you with a price.
We're sure that on most occasions customers will be delighted with their choice of rug. However, if for whatever reason you don't like it, call or email us within 14 days to let us know.
If you want to swap it for a different one we will only charge you any difference in the price of the rug, but will collect the original and deliver the replacement free of charge.
In the rare circumstance that we can't find a rug that's right for you and you simply want a refund, we will not charge you anything for the return and unlike many sites, we won't expect you to arrange the delivery back to us either. We will simply collect it from you free of charge and all that we ask, is that you wrap it back up so it is just as you received it. Of course, we can only afford to do this one rug at a time and only twice per customer - if we can't find one that's right for you after 2 attempts, it's probably not going to happen! Once we get the rug back, we will credit your card within 48 hours.